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Magazine history

“The XIX Century. Yearbook of Adam Mickiewicz Literary Society” (ISSN 2080-0851) refers to the tradition of “Memoirs of Adam Mickiewicz Literary Society” edited by Roman Pilat. It was a journal published in the years 1887–1898 in Lviv, which was devoted to – according to the declaration of its founders – “The Era of Mickiewicz.” “The XIX Century” is also a continuation of the “Yearbook of Adam Mickiewicz Literary Society,” which has been published by the Adam Mickiewicz Literary Society since 1966.

“Yearbook of Adam Mickiewicz Literary Society” 2000-2007 issues are digitalized and can be accessed here:

The publication is primarily addressed to Polonists but we also invite to cooperation researchers of related disciplines; namely, historians, philosophers, aestheticians, scholars of cultural studies, comparatists, art historians, and foreign literature specialists. Together we want to thoroughly look at the 19th Century also from the perspective of an already closed 20th Century and our present time.