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In accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the editors of “The XIX Century” undertake efforts to improve the operation of the ghostwriting firewall. By the term ghostwriting one should understand scientific unreliability and dishonesty involving the hiding of other people’s (or institutions’) complicity in creating an article. Namely, the people who have made significant contributions to the development of studies submitted for publication, but officially their names are not recorded in the header text or an appropriate footnote. The editors also assure the elimination of the practices referred to as guest authorship (honorary authorship), characterized by recognizing as author or co-author of a given work a person whose contribution to the development of research presented is little or has not taken place at all. Such unethical practices will be documented each time by the editors of “The XIX Century” and it will result in the notification of respective entities. Therefore, the authors who send their work to “The XIX Century – Yearbook of Adam Mickiewicz Literary Society” are invited to attach an appropriate statement. Responsibility for providing the correct information lies with the person submitting the text.

In order to avoid a situation defined as ghostwriting the author of a scientific article submitted to “The XIX Century” (including studies, sketches, philological papers, contributions, reviews, polemics, etc.) is obliged to disclose all real co-authors of the article (along with their affiliation). They should also include information (e.g. in a relevant footnote) about the author of the concept, assumptions, methods, research, etc. used for preparing the publication. If the publication is created with financial assistance of third parties or institutions and / or if the article is associated with research funded by a grant from the National Science Centre, National Programme for the Development Humanities or any other institution or association, the author is obliged to include this information with the grant’s number in a corresponding footnote (financial disclosure).